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Casino Chip Grading Information
General Information
  We generally show a picture of the chip that you will receive when it is an older obsolete release. In the case of newer or current issues we sometimes use a stock photo and it may not be the actual chip you will receive. Older more valuable chips we will show both sides of the chip. Just roll your mouse over the - Flip the Chip - link and the flip side will appear. You do not have to click on the link. We take edge nicks seriously and will only accept minor nicks to be acceptable. If a chip has a larger edge nick we will point it out by describing it using a clock location in the picture (ex. 6 o'clock). Check the condition description in the listing for further explanations of any possible flaws
  A new chip with no edge nicks or loss of brilliance or luster
Barely Used
  A chip as close to new as you can get. It will have sharp edges and only the smallest of flea bite nicks acceptable
Slightly Used
  A chip with slight edge rounding. It may have some minor flea bite size edge nicks. Overall a nice used chip worthy of your collection
  A chip whose edges have rounded and will not stand on edge. It may have some minor sized edge nicks